SigEp — Rally Cry Video

Want to stand out? Yea. Sure. But it’s hard sometimes all by yourself. How about we create a place to encourage whatever makes you, YOU? This college fraternity is heavily focused on just that. What a cool message and opportunity it was to collaborate on this video. College is such a vital pathway to next […]

GitLab – The One DevOps Platform

Once upon a time I dreamed about being a computer programmer. I even signed up for a double major in Computer Science at my college. I was gonna change the world! Or at least write code to change it 😉 That is… until I finally realized all the math classes I would have to take. […]


It was almost Spring when I got word I’d be narrating this TV special on NBC for the PGA Tour, promoting the new 2K23 video game. I was pumped for this voice over. My very first “job” (at age 13) was at my local golf course, working for tips as a caddy. I still remember: […]