GitLab – The One DevOps Platform

Once upon a time I dreamed about being a computer programmer. I even signed up for a double major in Computer Science at my college. I was gonna change the world! Or at least write code to change it πŸ˜‰ That is… until I finally realized all the math classes I would have to take. And so, after taking one class in my new degree, I ended my journey, sick to my stomach by all the Calculus classes it would take.

But I still learned enough along the way to code for some websites and work on some really cool technology projects.

Many tools have popped up along the way that have supercharged the programming world and have supported the teams that code our daily lives.

GitLab is one of them. I’m excited to share this project I voiced. So much of what we do as creatives is all about collaboration. It was cool to tie that into this read for a product focused on collaborating and serving customers effectively.

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